• Henrik Bach

    IT Enterprise Architect & Software Developer​

    Passionate about delivering value to your customers

  • Henrik Bach is committed and motivated to work with all phases of software development, including: business analysis, preparation of requirements specification, user design experience, application design and development, maintenance and testing, operation and user support of software, web applications and continuous build, test and delivery and deployment automation (CI/CD and DevOps with IaC) systems, where the combination of engineering professionalism, software development, dedicated team and stakeholder contact, he wants to be the one who makes a difference and convey enthusiasm for and advise, educate the benefit to users of an common standardized enterprise architecture that includes all aspects and best practices of application lifecycle management with the use of the DevOps methodology to deliver high quality and valuable software at all times.


    In addition, he is a dedicated, structured, independent and energetic person with a positive outlook combined with genuine interests in vocational trends in software development field aimed to deliver high quality and valuable software for users.

  • Be the change you want to see in the world.



    Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark


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    Denne side er om min politik for Brøndby Kommune og mine øvrige personlige politiske tanker.


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